Green Lawn and Landscaping Services, Organic Fertilization Programs, Drought Tolerant, Edible Landcapes ...

We use Electric Equipment (low noise) & Low Emission Vehicles

A Natural Approach to Bay Area Landscapes!

A quick overview

At Mother Earth Landscapes, we pride ourselves to taking the most natural approaches to your landscaping needs.

We are proud to offer green lawn and landscaping services, organic fertilization programs, edible and drought resistant landscapes, ...

We believe it's important to do our part to help protect our clients, our employees and our environment potentially harmful chemicals (pesticides, etc.), by using fuel-efficient vehicles and quieter electric landscaping equipments and by creating or optimizing your beautiful landscape in a way that reduces water consumption as well other precious resources.

Being environmentally conscientious does not mean we are more expensive,  slow or inefficient.  On the contrary, we rely on our experience to figure out simple, easy to implement greener approach to your landscaping needs.

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